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Anxiety Attack Treatments


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Although anxiety attacks may be disheartening, the positive fact of these experiences is usually controllable and remediable. These attacks barely reach more than 30 minutes in most instances and the most severe is only during the first 10 minutes. Unless this illness becomes chronic, it can then be considered as harmful as it may already disturb a person’s comfort and health and hinders one from have a normal and active lifestyle.

There are useful and confirmed treatments that are adopted to help cure these anxiety attacks. Check the list below to view the most popularly known anxiety attacks treatment methods.

Breathing Technique: As one of the most adequate therapy, this requires proper breathing which keeps heartbeat stable, calms the tensed muscles brought by the anxiety attack. Breathing redirects the mind’s focus that tends to ponder on the spark and successively brings composure and tranquility and then, ceases the attack speedily. These techniques for proper breathing are not hard to incorporate and assimilate.

Self-Hypnosis: As a method to reform your course of thoughts, this technique also assist your body’s response to alarmed and distressing thoughts. In the event of an anxiety attack, lay yourself in a relaxed position. Try to compose your thoughts and determine the cause of your anxiety. Apperceive if it is for certain. Sooner enough, you will come to a point of realization when you find no reason to develop this perturbed thoughts especially when you exert full concentration. It is as simple as you think it is. Many psychiatrists already advise self-hypnosis as a technique for anxiety attacks and for other anxiety disorders. (You and your therapist can adopt Hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy to block signs and warnings of anxiety attacks.)

Meditation: Has being credited for its purpose for a long time now, this technique alleviates stress and tension, advances the release of negative energy from the body, calms down tensed muscles, and appeases the mind, then, as a result, it effectively slims down illogical fears and premonitions. As this might not be advantageous to all because of length of time needed to develop this technique, at the lighter side, you are assured to acquire its benefits in no time if you are properly guided by experts and have perseverance and commitment.

Herbs: Herbs like chamomile, Ginkgo biloba, lavender and passion flower are very impressive and practical for lasting treatment of anxiety attacks. Because of their natural contents, they have no side effects. They may be less advanced as the drugs being prescribed but they work just as efficaciously.

Prescription Medicines: Anxiety medication plays a major role in blocking the signs of anxiety and its episodes of attacks, the most common treatment are antidepressants. Taken on a continuous basis, it may take six weeks before effects become evident. A type of drug that avoids signs from coming back again is Beta-blockers. To boost the brain’s level of serotonin, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors manages and controls emotions.

Therapies: Therapy is considered as a very desirable anxiety treatment. Those focus on the anxiety’s psychological aspect. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is to adjust the line of thoughts, thus substituting negative thoughts with positive ones. CBT includes relaxation technique and role-playing. Exposure therapy divulges the person to the physical sensations of extreme fright in a safe and controlled atmosphere. With repeated exposure, patients are able to get greater willpower over one’s actions and more confidence in dealing with fearful situations.

When combining therapies and prescribed medicines, its effectiveness is certainly advantageous. According to medical studies, if both methods are used for anxiety attacks treatment there is a much higher response rate of patients compared to those who settle for either one of the techniques mentioned.

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  1. People who suffer from anxiety can show the symptoms in a number of ways. Social anxiety is a typical underlying situation that individuals feel, often times with a hard time deal with social situations where they don’t know the people they are interacting with. Any of you will share the best way on how to get rid of anxiety ?

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